Thyme Extract 4:1 TLC
  • Thyme Extract 4:1 TLC
  • Thyme Extract 4:1 TLC
  • Thyme Extract 4:1 TLC

Thyme Extract 20:1 TLC 20:1 TLC

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Thyme is a herb from the Thymus vulgaris shrub, a member of the mint family. While used primarily as a seasoning for cooking, thyme is also used as a condiment and in pickling. Thyme can be found in cosmetics and fragrances, and also supposedly has medicinal value. The flavor of thyme is somewhat minty. The small, greenish-gray leaves are typically dried and can be chopped, ground, or crumbled. 


1) Thyme tea has been a common drink for a long time. Characterized by its pleasant aroma and mild bitterness, it is effective in relieving colds and sore throats and is suitable for drinking when you lose your voice after watching sports games.
2) Thyme has a bactericidal effect on the respiratory system, can remove phlegm, alleviate allergic rhinitis, it can promote digestion, increase appetite and gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to improve headache, depression, and other neurological diseases, and eliminate fatigue.
3) In addition, thyme can also improve anemia, low blood pressure, shoulder pain, hay fever, and other effects.


1) It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical field.
2) It is mainly used in the health product industry.
3) Medicine and health products, beverages and food additives, etc.

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