Chinese factory suppy Uncaria Gambier Extract
  • Chinese factory suppy Uncaria Gambier Extract
  • Uncaria Gambier Extract
  • Uncaria Gambier Powder

Uncaria Gambier Extract

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Uncaria rhynchophylla, Latin scientific name: Uncaria rhynchophylla (Miq.) Miq. Ex Havil. It is an evergreen vine belonging to Uncaria of Rubiaceae. It is a climbing shrub. Its stems and branches are square columnar, slender and glabrous. Its leaves are oval in shape and head like inflorescence. Uncaria hook with the hook of the stem and branch as medicine, it has the effect of clearing heat, calming liver, calming wind and calming convulsion, modern pharmacological experiments also proved that Uncaria hook has antihypertensive effect, so it has high medicinal value.


1. Uncaria rhynchophylla can improve blood circulation, adjust blood volume at any time and deliver it to the heart and other important organs of the human body, so as to ensure sufficient and timely blood supply. The utility model can ensure that the major organs of the human body are in the state of full power. It is very effective for ischemic anemia and cerebral insufficiency.
2. Uncaria can play a calming role, for the central nervous system over excitation can play an effective inhibition, let the human body restore calm. Can also contract uterine smooth muscle, can relieve uterine pain, for mothers, eating Uncaria can help expectant mothers safely through pregnancy.
3. Gouteng can cause toxic encephalopathy to many diseases, such as septicemia, lobar pneumonia, toxic bacillary dysentery, Salmonella infection, etc., which may be due to the body's hematemesis caused by infection, which can alleviate its tolerance. Uncaria can reduce the frequency of hematemesis and maintain heal


1. Applied in functional food field
2. Applied in health product field
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field

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