• What are the consequences of consuming too much protein?

What are the consequences of consuming too much protein?

When it comes to protein, it is not too familiar to fitness people.

Protein is the material basis of all life; and the manifestation of all life is essentially the embodiment of protein function. It can be said that there is no life without protein!

As one of the essential nutrients for humans, protein plays an important role in maintaining the stability of muscles, bones and nerves, enhancing immune system function and promoting metabolism.

When both protein and energy intake are severely deficient: patients may experience weight loss, weakness, decreased physical strength, decreased resistance, decreased appetite, dry skin and poor elasticity, thinning, yellowish and dry hair.

Eating too much protein is also harmful to the human body, especially animal protein:

Eating too much animal protein will inevitably lead to eating more animal fat and cholesterol at the same time, which will not only increase energy intake invisibly, but may also lead to abnormal metabolism of blood lipids in the body.

Eating too much protein itself can also have harmful effects on health. Because the metabolic process of protein requires a lot of water, which increases the burden on the kidneys. If the function of the kidneys itself has been damaged, the harm will be even greater.

Eating too much animal protein will lead to excessive intake of sulfur-containing amino acids, which will accelerate the loss of calcium in bones, which is prone to osteoporosis.

Protein is so important, but neither too much nor too little.

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