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What are the eye care benefits of bilberry extract

Bilberry grows in temperate zones and the fruit can be eaten directly. Bilberry contains a lot of anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant properties. So what does it do for eye protection?

1. Promote night vision:

The "rhodopsin" in the retina is used to receive light and transmit light signals to the brain. The bilberry extract can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin, improve visual acuity, and help the eyes adapt to the dark environment.

2. Protect eye capillaries

Bilberry Extract Antioxidant - flavonoids of anthocyanins, have a protective effect on capillaries, improve microcirculation of eye blood vessels, and relieve eye fatigue.

Generally, the effective way to supplement these two substances is to eat dietary supplements. One is to ensure that the nutrients needed by the eyes are adequately provided; the other is to be convenient and effective.

There are two main advantages of bilberry:

1. Rich in content, the content of bilberry anthocyanins in fresh fruits is 0.3%-0.7%, and the functional components are very rich, which is very conducive to the transformation of functions.

2. Rapid action. Studies have shown that bilberry anthocyanins can quickly pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter the eyes and brain within 10-30 minutes of taking, and have a significant antioxidant effect on eye tissue.

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