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What is L-ornithine? Its efficacy and source

What is L-ornithine?

L-Ornithine CAS NO. 70-26-8 is an amino acid that is mainly used in the urea cycle to remove excess nitrogen from the body. L-Ornithine is very important for removing waste from the body. Ammonia (NH3) is a waste product of cellular metabolism, and when ammonia levels are high, it can be detrimental to health as it can become toxic. L-Ornithine acts as a catalyst to convert ammonia into urea, which the body then naturally excretes in urine.

Where Does L-Ornithine Min99% Come From?

Animal protein is the best dietary source of L-ornithine, which, like other amino acids, is produced by liver cells from the amino acid arginine, which is ingested into the body from various dietary sources. In addition to dietary sources, L-ornithine supplementation is often recommended to ensure the body fully reaps the benefits of this amino acid.

Benefits of L-Ornithine Hcl Powder:

1. Manage body waste

A lack of L-ornithine, or when your body does not produce enough L-ornithine, can lead to the accumulation of excess toxic waste in the body, which can have serious effects on your health.

2. Optimize strength and stamina

By supplementing with L-ornithine, you can therefore assist the production of arginine, thus helping to improve the body's strength and endurance.

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