• Echinacea Extract

What is the use of adding echinacea extract to feed?

The benefits of Echinacea extract include enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory, and anti-virus. Adding Echinacea extract to feed can enhance the immunity of livestock and poultry, reduce the use of antibiotics, and improve the quality of livestock products.

1. Add Echinacea Extract Ratio Extract 4:1 to fish feed

Adding it to carp feed can increase daily weight gain and promote growth; adding echinacea extract to tilapia feed can improve survival rate; in rainbow trout feed, echinacea extract can improve daily weight gain, specific growth rate, reduce the effect of the bait coefficient. Adding echinacea extract to crucian carp feed can improve daily weight gain.

2. Add Echinacea Extract to Chicken Feed

Adding echinacea extract to broiler feed can increase the content of total protein and albumin in the plasma of broiler chickens, and reduce the content of glucose and cholesterol in plasma. Echinacea extract can increase the antibody titer and NK cell activity of broilers, and improve the humoral and cellular immunity of broilers.

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