• shiitake mushroom extract - lentinan

What nutrients are in shitake mushroom extract?

The shitake mushroom is a high-protein, low-fat, high-grade nutritious vegetable. Shitake mushroom extract contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids, sugars, vitamins, and lentinan.

Lentinan is a water-soluble proteoglycan extracted from shitake mushrooms and is its main active ingredient. The main pharmacological activities of lentinan are strong anti-cancer activity; can lower blood sugar, blood lipids, and cholesterol, improve diabetes and arteriosclerosis, and is an ideal nutritional product for "three high" people and cancer patients.

shiitake mushroom extract - lentinan

Other benefits and effects of shiitake mushroom extract - lentinan:

1. Improve immunity

Lentinan can improve the phagocytic function of mouse peritoneal macrophages, promote the production of T lymphocytes, and improve the killing activity of T lymphocytes.

2. Delay aging

The water extract of shiitake mushroom has a scavenging effect on hydrogen peroxide and has a certain elimination effect on hydrogen peroxide in the body.

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