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Why do many skin care products use hyaluronic acid as a selling point?

Why can hyaluronic acid be used for skincare?

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of human intercellular substance, which can play the physiological functions of water retention, maintenance of extracellular space, and regulation of osmotic pressure. Since hyaluronic acid itself contains a large amount of antelope and light groups, it can combine a large amount of water to achieve stable water retention, and the intermolecular polymerization of hyaluronic acid itself forms a complex network structure. Therefore, hyaluronic acid has good elasticity, which can serve as a good skin protective barrier.

In addition, hyaluronic acid itself also has the functions of regulating inflammatory factors, promoting cell growth, differentiation, reconstruction, promoting cell proliferation and differentiation, and scavenging free radicals.

However, hyaluronic acid food and Cosmetic Grade (0.8~1.5)×106Da itself is a polymer, and the n in the molecular formula (C14H21NO11)n represents the polymerization of different numbers of hyaluronic acid single molecules. In recent years, with the advancement of research on hyaluronic acid, researchers have found that the physiological activity of hyaluronic acid is closely related to its relative molecular weight, or that there are differences in the functions of different polymerized hyaluronic acids.

This reminds us that for the benefits of hyaluronic acid, it is not considered omnipotent simply by seeing this component, but the influence of its molecular weight should also be considered.

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