• Why do we choose plant extracts for cosmetics?

Why do we choose plant extracts for cosmetics?

In the cosmetics industry, many cosmetics displayed in influential summits such as Beauty Expo and PCHI almost all contain natural active ingredients. Which begs the question, are plant extracts safe?

First of all, cosmetic plant extracts will be controlled from many aspects such as safety, efficacy and stability. Safety is the premise of efficacy, and only under the condition of safety, it is necessary to consider its efficacy, which is the main condition for the application of plant extracts in cosmetics.

With the development of science and technology, human analysis technology is more and more advanced.

We can use advanced extraction techniques, such as water extraction, ethanol or oil extraction, supercritical extraction, to make the active ingredients of plants available to our skin.

So plant extracts for skin care, is safe and reliable.

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