• Why drink fruit and vegetable powder

Why drink fruit and vegetable powder

Why drink fruit and vegetable powder, why do you drink yogurt? Drinking fruit and vegetable powder is the same as drinking yogurt.

Fruit and vegetable powder is a beverage, its full name is lactic acid bacteria comprehensive fermented fruit and vegetable powder. Sometimes it is also called enzyme. Enzymes and fruit and vegetable powder are the same thing. Enzymes are generally liquid, while fruit and vegetable powders are dry enzymes. The so-called comprehensive fermented fruit and vegetable powder means that it is a mixture of dozens of enzymes.

When it comes to fruit and vegetable powder, we have to talk about lactic acid bacteria(LAB). LAB is a very common microorganisms. There are about 100 kinds of LAB in our human intestines. A healthy young person has more than 100 trillion LAB.

So many LAB in the body, what are they doing? It helps digestion, and a person's digestion level is reflected in the quantity and variety of LAB. The greater the number of LAB, the stronger the human digestion ability. It can even be said that the number of lactobacillus marks your actual age and health level.

When a healthy young person has a good digestive ability, the LAB in your body may be 100 times that of what in your body when you are old. Yes, when you are old, there are fewer lactobacillus. That's it.

The amount of LAB is a sign of your health. LAB is very important, in fact, it can be supplemented through diet. Enzymes are used to promote the reproduction of LAB in the body. By increasing the total amount of LAB, and the digestive function is improved. Eating the same food, we can absorb more and more comprehensive nutrients, so we are stronger, which is why we drink fruit and vegetable powder. For more information on healthcare products, please pay attention to JHD Corp.

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