Yeast extract beta glucan 80%
  • Yeast extract beta glucan 80%
  • Yeast extract beta glucan 80%

Yeast extract beta glucan 80% UV

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Yeast β -glucan is a polysaccharide with immune-enhancing activity, which exists in the yeast cell wall, and is hydrolyzed by yeast cells by autolysozyme.

The molecular formula is (C6H12O6)n, the molecular weight is 20kDa- 4000kDa, and the main chain is β-1, 3-D-glucan.

Yeast β-glucan has very beneficial physiological functions for the human body, such as improving immune ability, significantly lowering blood sugar and blood lipids, etc., and has great commercial value in food, medicine, cosmetics, and aquaculture industries.


1) It is known as "biological response modifiers" because of their ability to activate the immune system.
2) It can enhance the activity of the immune system.
3) It also reportedly lower elevated levels of LDL cholesterol, aid in wound healing, and help prevent infections.
4) It has potential as an adjuvant in the treatment of cancer.


1) Healthcare field
2) Pharmaceutical

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