Yellow Maca Root Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Yellow Maca Root Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Yellow Maca Root Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Yellow Maca Root Extract 10:1 TLC

Yellow Maca Root Extract 10:1 TLC

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Maca, the Peruvian herb, generates lots of buzz about its reputed ability to boost libido.

It is revered in the ancient Incan culture for its many medicinal purposes. According to folk belief, it is a plant known for its legendary ability to deliver energy and mental clarity and enhance sex drive for more than 2,000 years

Maca powder for its high content of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. It is considered a superior food, healthy, energetic, tonic, invigorating and stimulating natural fit for consumption by children,youth, adults and seniors.

Maca powderflour is a great emulsifier can be used to mix fats and oils together with starches or sugars in drinks,desserts and recipes. For example, if one makes a drink containing agave nectar and cacao powder, Maca can be used to mix these two foods together seamlessly and create a delicious flavor.


1. Maca root powder can supports glandular system ;
2. It may boost work capacity;
3. Maca root powder will promotes libido and sexual function;
4. Maca root powder used to enhance physical energy and endurance;
5. It have the function of promoting mental clarity and concentration;
6. Maca root powder own the effect on supporting stamina and buffers the effects of stress.


1. Applied in food field, maca extract is used as an anti-aging food;
2. Applied in health food field, maca extract is also used as an afrodyn.

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