OEM Fish Oil Softgel 18/12 EE+5IU VE 1000mg

  • Brand: JHD Corp
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Fish oil softgel are mainly made from deep sea fish and are rich in EPA and DHA. Usually, the fish oilsoft capsule can be eaten to supplement the DHA needed by human body. 

Fish Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Gelatin,Glycerol, Purified Water.


1.It can also fight platelet aggregation, reduceblood viscosity, and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to some extent.
2.It can also lower blood pressureand relieve heart disease. Because fish oil soft capsule in addition to fish, there are some vitamin E, has a strongantioxidant effect, can regulate the cholesterol in the body, regulate the stomach and intestines.


Usage and doses: 1 Capsule each time, 2 times daily

Availability: People who suffer from high blood pressure, high blood-fat, high cholesterol.

Unavailability: Children, pregnant woman, lactation woman.

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