• A large food show including organic products

A large food show including organic products

Fair Name: A large food show including organic products

Fair Time: 06.12.2022 to 08.12.2022

Fair Place: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Contract: www.sialme.com

mailto:// info@sialme.com

A to Z-World has been operating in UAE since 2007. We take pride to provide you with the ease of a one-stop solution for all hospitality needs.

In addition to huge warehousing facilities, having active partnerships and production facilities in UAE, and Turkey gives us the edge in providing timely and cost-efficient supplies. Keeping the demands of a very dynamic market we are in the process of adding more products and services to our portfolio.

In this short period, we build a great impression on the market towards commitment. Some of our key customers include Fairmont, Abela Group, Emaar Group, Interact, Dynamic Hospitality, Royal Catering, Emirates Fight, and many more.

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