• Alfalfa Extract Powder

Alfalfa is a plant with high nutritional value, and alfalfa extract powder is rich in vitamin K

Alfalfa is a perennial flowering plant, which has won the reputation of "King of Herbs" because of its high yield, high protein content, strong applicability, soil improvement, and high economic value.

Alfalfa Extract

Alfalfa can be extracted as a whole herbal powder, its minerals can also be extracted, and the most effective extraction method is soaking, similar to tea. Alfalfa Extract - Isoflavones cannot be extracted in water and can be obtained from whole herbal powders.

Alfalfa is often found on roadsides and fields, and because it is rich in natural minerals, such as vitamin K. it is a nutritious herb. Alfalfa can provide high levels of nutrients for those who need additional nutrients. Alfalfa is often taken with other herbs.

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