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DHA, short for Docosahexaenoic Acid, is an important polyunsaturated fatty Acid for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells. At present, AHUALYN DHA products are mainly derived from deep-sea fish, marine microalgae and other Marine organisms, according to different sources known as fish oil DHA and algal oil DHA.



1. DHA plays an important role in the extension of axons and the formation of new processes. Speed and intelligence also play an important role in promoting mental health.

2. DHA participates in the extension of nerve cell axons and the formation of new protuberances, and builds the brain Internet, so that children's intellectual development can be better.

3. It can promote the maturation of photoreceptor cells in fetal retina. In the last three months of pregnancy, the liver of the fetus can use the α - linolenic acid in the mother's blood to generate DHA, which is then transported to the fetal brain and retina, which improves the maturity of these cells.

4. Protection of eyesight:
the retina contains up to 50% to 60% DHA. When the DHA of photoreceptor cells is not enough, vision will be aged ahead of time, and it is easy to cause eye problems such as myopia, presbyopia, cataract and glaucoma. And the results also showed that people with high DHA intake had improved visio

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