• Astaxanthin Natural Powder & Oil

Astaxanthin natural oil, the Overlooked Immunity Boosting Ingredient

Although everyone is talking about how to improve immunity and the benefits of immunity, what we don't know is that immune cytokines are actually a "double-edged sword". When the human body is infected with a virus, the immune system will destroy the invaded cells to prevent the spread of the disease. This is a defense mechanism formed in the complex biological evolution so that all biological responses are in a dynamic and controllable balance.

But when there are too many viruses or the body's immune function is abnormal, the balance of immune factors will be broken. Excessive activation of immune cells, intracellular inflammatory factors including interleukin, TNF-α, complement protein molecules, etc. are released in large quantities, resulting in excessive damage to immune cells. At the same time, too many immune cells and interstitial fluid may damage normal tissues, make the condition worsen rapidly, and lead to death.

The benefits of astaxanthin:

Studies have confirmed that astaxanthin can significantly enhance the body's local and systemic immunity. This immunomodulatory property combined with antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties plays an important role in preventing the occurrence and spread of diseases. At the same time, astaxanthin natural oil  5%-10%  not only helps to block the "inflammatory storm", but also plays an important role in enhancing humoral immunity and cellular immunity.

Astaxanthin water soluble CWS natural powder can increase or/and enhance the number or/and activity of lymphocytes, B cells, T cells, macrophages, natural killer cells, etc.; and assist in the production of antibodies, improve the activity of other immune components, increase the production of immunoglobulins and enhance the ability of humoral immune response.

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