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Besides eye protection, what other effects does lutein have?

Lutein, also known as "plant lutein", is a natural pigment. Marigold extract contains more lutein, which can absorb light energy and transmit it to chlorophyll, so it is speculated that lutein has a certain protective effect on photooxidation and photodamage.

Most of the lutein in vegetables and fruits exists in the form of trans-lutein, and the lutein in the human body mainly exists in the liver, serum, retina, and other parts.

Benefits of marigold extract - lutein:

1. Protect the retina

The wavelength of blue visible light is close to that of ultraviolet light, and it is the most potentially harmful light that can reach the retina. Before reaching the sensitive cells on the retina, the light first passes through the highest accumulation area of lutein (eyeball). At this time, if the content of lutein in the macula is high, the damage can be minimized.

2. Light stress recovery

Light stress recovery time is one of the important indicators for evaluating the visual function, which refers to the time required for the human eye to return to normal vision after intense light stimulation. The higher the macular pigment density, the shorter the recovery time from light stress.

3. Antioxidant

Lutein softgels are also an antioxidant, which can clear free radicals and delay aging.

Safety and Recommended Dosage of Lutein :

1. The safe dose of lutein is 20mg/d. If this dose is exceeded, the skin is prone to yellowing.

2. For the daily dosage of lutein, the recommended dosage of the US FDA and the Chinese Nutrition Association is 10mg/day.

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