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Can diabetics drink stevia tea? What are the effects?

Stevia is a perennial Compositae herb. The leaves of stevia contain inulin glycosides, which are 150-300 times sweeter than sucrose, and only one 300 percent of the calories. It is an excellent natural sweetener.

Ingredients: The leaves contain stevioside, stevioside, stevioside A and stevioside B, etc.

Main functions: regulate blood pressure, soften blood vessels, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, etc.

the leaves of stevia

Effects of stevia on diabetic patients

Stevia is a high-sweet, very low-calorie food that can be used to make tea. Experiments have shown that drinking stevia can lower blood sugar. A great sweet substitute for diabetics. However, diabetes is an incurable disease, and stevia can only relieve elevated blood sugar, but cannot treat diabetes itself.

Side effects of stevia

Stevia is cold, excessive drinking can cause diarrhea, and pregnant mothers should not drink. It does not belong to the category of tea, but belongs to the Compositae family, and should not be consumed in large quantities for a long time.

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