• Can white kidney bean extract really help lose weight? How's the effect?

Can white kidney bean extract really help lose weight? How's the effect?

White kidney bean extract is a new weight loss ingredient that has become popular in recent years. Its weight loss principle is to use the carbohydrate blocker (also known as amylase inhibitor) in white kidney bean extract to reduce the activity of amylase in the body, reduce the ability of amylase to digest carbohydrates, and play a role in weight loss. 

Does this really work for weight loss?

The α-amylase inhibitor activity of white kidney bean extract species was closely related to temperature and pH environment. These two indicators are critical in the white kidney bean extraction process. Different extraction processes, control of temperature, and pH have a significant influence on the activity of α-amylase inhibitors in white kidney bean extracts.

Therefore, whether the white kidney bean extract you eat is effective depends on the activity index. The white kidney bean extract with no clearly marked activity index cannot guarantee whether it can have a weight loss effect.

Overall, white kidney bean extract was indeed effective for weight loss in obese individuals with a high carbohydrate diet. However, users should pay more attention to the active ingredient content. The guiding dosage of white kidney bean extract is 1g (1000mg) before meals, and the active unit of amylase inhibitor per gram should be 3000u/g.

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