Celosia Cristata Extract
  • Celosia Cristata Extract
  • Celosia Cristata Extract

Celosia Cristata Extract

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Invigorate blood and cool blood, replenish qi, nourish yin and moisturize dryness, clear away heat, and detoxify. Cockscomb is also known as red cockscomb, cockscomb, old red, cockscomb, cockscomb head, cool in nature, sweet, and astringent. Cockscomb is not only It has ornamental effects, garden effects, and medicinal effects.


1) It has the effects of invigorating blood and nourishing blood, cooling blood, replenishing qi, and consolidating the body. It can be used to treat blood under hemorrhoids, red and white dysentery, and collapse Symptoms of middle and red leucorrhea.
2) It contains a lot of beneficial nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins, natural coenzymes, dietary fiber, etc., which can promote the body's absorption and improve the symptoms of blindness due to lack of amino acids.
3) It has the effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding and can treat intestinal wind, blood in the stool, red blood, dysentery, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, diarrhea, etc.
4) It can be used to treat hemorrhoids, dysentery, vomiting, nosebleeds, bleeding, urticaria, and other diseases.
5) It has the effect of resisting sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride, can purify the air, and is good for health.
6) It has nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, clearing heat and detoxification, benefiting the splee


1) Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material used in the food and beverage industry.
2) Applied in the health product field.
3) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

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