Centella Asiatica Extract Powder
  • Centella Asiatica Extract Powder
  • Centella Asiatica Extract Powder

centella asiatica extract powder gotu kola extract

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1) Product Name: Gotu Kola Extract

2) Latin Name:  Centella Asiatica L. Urban extract

3) Appearance: Fine Powder

4) Specification:  10% Asiaticosides  

5) Test Method: HPLC

6) Part Used:  Whole Herb 


1) Centella asiatica extract asiaticoside with the use of anti-infective agent;
2) Centella asiatica extract powder has sedative and tranquilizing effect ;
3) Centella asiatica extract asiaticoside used to induce diuresis and reducing edema;
4) Centella asiatica extract asiaticoside powder with the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials;
5) Centella asiatica extract powder used to promote collagen form and make the skin smooth and elastic.


1) It can be applied in the food field.
2) It can be applied to healthcare products
3) Applied in the Pharmaceutical field.
4) Applied in the Comestics field.

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