• Chamomile Extract

Chamomile extract is very effective in these aspect

Chamomile is one of the longest and most widely used medicinal plants and is recommended for a variety of therapeutic applications. There are two commonly used medicinal chamomiles: Chamomile Recutita and Roman Chamomile, and chamomile extracts are used in healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

The benefits of Chamomile Extract:

1. Chamomile extract for anxiety:

The cooling effect of chamomile extract treats fever, and its calming, soothing effect fights allergies and anxiety.

2. Chamomile extract for skin:

Chamomile extract contains Antheme, chamomile acid, and Anthesterol, which have anti-inflammatory effects. They can slow down skin inflammation, improve skin roughness, and improve skin elasticity.

3. Chamomile extract for digestion

Chamomile extract standard extract: 0.1%-98% apigenin (HPLC) can improve digestion, regulate the stomach and eliminate flatulence.

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