Chanca Piedra Extract
  • Chanca Piedra Extract
  • Chanca Piedra Extract

Chanca Piedra Extract

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Latin scientific name: Phyllanthus niruri Linn. 

Genus name: Phyllotriculum 

Family Name: Euphorbiaceae common name alias: Snake seed grass (Hainan) is born in open grassland, hillside, and valley in the sun. Herbs annual, whole plant glabrous. Leaves arranged in 2 rows on branchlets, narrowly elliptic or elliptic, thinly papery, stipules lanceolate. Flowers are usually solitary in leaf axils, with male flowers on the lower part of the branchlets and fewer female flowers on the upper part. Male flowers: pedicels slender, sepals 6, obovate, disk 6 lobed, stamens 3, filaments connate, anthers horseshoe-dehiscent. 


1) Phyllanthus urinaria Extract clears heat and diuresis, brightening eyes and eliminating accumulation.
2) Phyllanthus urinaria Extract for nephritis edema, urinary tract infections, and stones.
3) Phyllanthus urinaria Extract for enteritis diarrhea, night blindness, and acute conjunctivitis.
4) Phyllanthus Urinaria Extract has detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties.


1) Pharmaceutical products.
2) Healthcare products.
3) Food & Beverages.

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