Cnidium Seed Powder
  • Cnidium Seed Powder
  • Cnidium Seed Powder

Cnidium Seed Powder

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The extract of Cnidium monnieri(L.)Cusson is derived from the fruit of Cnidium Monnieri (L.)Cusson. The main effective components of Fructus cnidii were coumarin compounds, among which the content of fructus cnidii was higher. Snake bed is warm, the taste is hard, and there is a small poison. Dry dampness exterminates insects and relieves itch externally, warms kidneys, and strengthens Yang internally, dispelling wind and dry dampness. It is used to treat impotence, palace cold, cold arthralgia lumbago, external treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis, and hand and foot infection. According to modern pharmacological research, Fructus cnidii has anti-mutagenesis, anti-tumor, anti-arrhythmia, and so on.


1) Remove moss to relieve itching.
2) Anti-inflammatory.
3) Relieve asthma and eliminate phlegm.
4) Warm kidney and strengthen Yang.


1) Used in the field of food, as anti-aging food.
2) Can be used in the field of health food.
3) Used as Chinese medicine.
4) Cnidium Monnieri Extract has broad application prospects in the field of medicine.

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