• Cold knowledge about cocoa powder that you don't know

Cold knowledge about cocoa powder that you don't know

After cocoa beans are ground and cocoa butter is extracted, the cocoa cake is obtained, which is then pulverized and ground into powder to become cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is divided into high-fat cocoa powder, medium-fat cocoa powder, and low-fat cocoa powder according to the degree of defatting, and is mostly used in the production of coffee, chocolate, beverages, and pastries.

At present, there are two kinds of natural cocoa powder and alkalized cocoa powder. Natural cocoa powder is acidic, so its use is limited, and it is generally only used to make solid food. Alkalized cocoa powder is made by adding alkali in the production process, which will be better in solubility and has a correspondingly wider range of uses. Liquid products (such as milk, beverages, etc.) usually use alkalized cocoa powder.

How do identify the quality of cocoa powder?

1. When the cocoa powder is rubbed in the hand, the palm is dry, indicating that the fat content is low, and if there is a greasy feeling, it indicates that the fat content is high.

2. From the appearance, good cocoa powder is more delicate, there will be no agglomeration, and the color is light brown or reddish-brown.

3. Judging from the smell, cocoa powder with poor quality will smell burnt or have a particularly strong aroma, which may be the reason for adding flavor. Good quality cocoa powder is better with a light fragrance.

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