DL- Methionine
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DL- Methionine

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DL-Methionine is one of the basic units for composing the protein and is the only sulfur-bearing amino acid among the essential amino acids, it participated in the transmethylation interior of the animal body, the phosphorus metabolism, and the adrenalin, choline, and creatine synthesis, it also is the raw material of the protein and cysteine synthesis. Methionine is unable to synthesize in the animal body and must take in from food. Adds it in the feed, can promote the poultry to grow, increase lean meat quantity and reduce the feeding cycle.


1) The bioavailability of animal feed supplements for livestock is significantly better than other organic zinc.
2) Solve the problem of hoof crack for sows efficiently.
3) Increase the laying, fertilization, and hatching rates, improving the quality of eggshells.
4) Leads to the removal of rough and messy feathers, obtaining bright feathers. And decrease in cannibalism of pecking the plume and anus.
5) Increase feed intake effectively, which can improve animal growth and resistance to disease, and promote more nutrition.
6) Can supplement animals with more nutrition healthy, which can make the animals grow.


1) As feed additive used in the feed industry to meet the requirements of target animals like Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Horse, Pigs, and fish. To participate in synthesis of tissue proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and hormones taking part in nitrogen, carbohydrate, and fat metabolisms, DL-methionine is an important source of methyl groups for the synthesis of all nucleic acids, as well as the sulfur source for sulfonic compounds.

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