Motherwort Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Motherwort Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Motherwort Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Motherwort Extract 10:1 TLC

Motherwort Extract 10:1 TLC

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Leonurus several species are native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia and grow wild in Canada and the United States. For therapeutic purposes, the species are generally interchangeable. As its name implies, motherwort was used by the people in these geographical regions as a folk remedy for female reproductive disorders. It was also used for certain types of heart conditions, as the Latin word cardiaca indicates. Today, it is recommended by herbalists and Commission E for heart palpitations occurring with anxiety attacks or other nervous disorders.


1. Motherwort Extract significantly increases uterine muscle contractions.
2. Motherwort Extract strengthens the heart and increases coronary and trophic blood flow to the heart muscle.
3. Motherwort Extract inhibits platelet aggregation, thrombosis, and the aggregation of red blood cells.
4. Motherwort Extract has been shown to enhance immune system function and inhibit bacteria.
5. Motherwort Extract has significant diuretic effects.
6. Motherwort Extract is used for irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea.


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