• Do you know this herb thorowax?

Do you know this herb thorowax?

Thorowax is a medicinal material with very high market demand, and its medicinal value is extremely high. Thorowax can generally be sown in winter or winter, but relatively speaking, the survival rate of Thorowax seedlings in the coming year will be higher.

Thorowax is a relatively easy plant to grow, but it needs to strengthen management and control of pests and diseases when it is relatively fragile in the early stage. Don't worry too much when it grows to a certain level in the later stage. Thorowax has strong adaptability and good cold and drought resistance. Just pay attention to waterproofing.

Thorowax extract

What common diseases is Thorowax extract mainly used for?

1. Wind heat and cold

Wind-heat cold is a common disease caused by exogenous wind heat. Thorowax granules can come in handy, and the curative effect is very good.

2. Sore throat

Thorowax granules and licorice tablets can be quickly relieved.

In addition to the above, Thorowax can be used in combination with other medicines and can be applied to more common diseases.

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