Dong Quai Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Dong Quai Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Dong Quai Extract 10:1 TLC
  • Dong Quai Extract 10:1 TLC

Dong Quai Extract 10:1 TLC

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Dong Quai Extract is a kind of used to invigorate the circulation of blood and regulate the menstrual function pain, runchang purge, blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness palpitations, menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhea dysmenorrhea, cold abdominal pain, intestinal dry constipation, rheumatism bi pain, falling injury, ulcer ulcers of plant extracts.


1. To enrich the blood and invigorate the circulation of blood.
2. To fight against oxidation and scavenge free radicals.
3. To reduce the excitability of myocardium and to treat the auricular fibrilation.
4. To lower blood pressure and blood fat and to protect the pathological changes of main artery as well as to treat atherosclerosis.


1. Application in healthcare field
2. Functional food          
3. Health care products of women health care
4. Angelica can tonifying spleen, nourishing the stomach, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, purge.
5. Angelica can be used to clinically suppurative maxillary sinusitis, acute nephritis, scleroderma and conditions such as psoriasis. For chronic rheumatism in its acute arthritis has obvious inhibitory effect.

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