Drynaria Fortunei Extract
  • Drynaria Fortunei Extract
  • Drynaria Fortunei Extract

Drynaria Fortunei Extract

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Drynaria fortunei is a species of basket fern of the family Polypodiaceae. It is an epiphytic (growing on trees) or epipetric (growing on rocks) plant. Like other species of Drynaria, they possess two frond types - a fertile foliage frond and a sterile nest frond. Sterile nest fronds are rounded shallowly-lobed reddish-brown fronds overlapping each other. They bear no sori and form a 'basket' characteristic of the genus. The fertile fronds are larger and deeply lobed. They bear 1 to 3 sori arranged on both sides of the central rib.

Preparations from the rhizomes of Drynaria roots are used in traditional herbal medicine for aiding in the healing of bone fractures and for treating rheumatoid arthritis. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal broken bones. The plant is native to Eastern Asia, including Eastern China.


1) Prevention of serum cholesterol and triglyceride increases and fall hematic fat.
2) Prevention of aortic atherosclerotic plaque formation.
3) Resistant of atherosclerosis.
4) Treatment of traumatic injuries, sprains, contusions, bruises, and incised wounds.
5) Good for injuries of bones and muscles and swelling.
6) Treating alopecia areata and vitiligo.
7) Treatment of lumbago and weakness of the feet due to deficiency of the kidneys, tinnitus and deafness, toothache, and prolonged diarrhea.


1) Pharmaceutical Products.
2) Healthcare Products.
3) Food & Beverages.

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