Gentian Root Extract
  • Gentian Root Extract
  • Gentian Root Extract

Gentian Root Extract

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Gentian Extract is coming from gentian scabra root and rhizomes. This powder is an excellent bitter and cold nature. Gentian Root Extract can stimulate appetite and digestion, remove liver heat, and satisfy the stomach. Gentian Root Extract also be used in Jaundice for the hot and humid, swelling of vulva and pruritus vulvae, eczema and pruritus, conjunctival congestion, deafness, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste, and convulsion.

Gentian Root Extract is the amelogenin and gentiopicroside extracted from the roots and polar stems of Gentiana scabra Bge., which clears heat and dampness, diarrhea, and biliary fire. Treatment of damp heat jaundice, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, eczema itching, red eyes, hypochondriac pain, convulsions, and convulsions. 


1) Gentian root extract has been used for loss of appetite and indigestion.
2) Gentian root extract is an effective tonic that usually is administered for insufficiency of blood due to impairment of the heart and spleen resulting from overstrain, manifested as palpitation, amnesia, and insomnia.
3) Gentian root extract is effective for red eyes and dizziness, swollen or deaf ears, bitter mouth and body side aches, throat swelling and pain, and so on.


1) Applied Functional food and feed additives in the field.
2) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

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