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How friendly is chamomile extract for sensitive skin?

Chamomile is native to Rome, a plant of the Compositae family, and the role of chamomile has been recognized for a long time. 

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-fire effects, and also has the effect of relieving spasms and soothing; drinking chamomile tea is also very helpful for sleep and a stable mood.

The benefits of chamomile extract for skin:

1. Eliminate skin sensitivity

Chamomile extract ratio extract 4:1 is used in skin care products, which has a good effect of soothing, and repairing sensitive skin, reducing fine red blood, reducing redness, and adjusting uneven skin tone.

2. Soothes sunburned skin

After sun exposure, a wet compress with a toner containing chamomile extract standard extract can quickly calm red and swollen skin after sun exposure, avoid skin sunburn, prevent melanin precipitation, and also strengthen tissue and increase elasticity.

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