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How many spirulina tablets should I take a day?

Spirulina tablets are very popular among health care people. It can provide various trace elements needed by the human body and is rich in nutritional value. With the continuous development of modern medicine, spirulina tablets have begun to be widely used by people, and their better health effects are more and more known by people. So how to eat spirulina tablets play a better benefit?

1. Spirulina tablets are not drugs and there is no dose limit. If you want to achieve health and health effects, you can consume it once a day.

spirulina tablets

2. Spirulina tablets must be taken for a long time. Spirulina is a natural food with a protein content of up to 60-70%. It is also rich in carotene, vitamins of various minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., providing nutrients in a balanced manner.

3. Spirulina tablets are small in size after processing. They can be directly absorbed by the small intestine without the need for stomach processing and grinding. They should be taken about 1 hour before meals. It is best to chew them when eating so that the absorption will be faster.

4. The water temperature of taking spirulina tablets should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. The too high temperature will cause the loss of many nutrients.

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