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How to choose an L-carnitine supplement product?

The benefits of L-carnitine supplement:

L-carnitine, which exists in natural foods, is mainly used as a carrier to transport long-chain fatty acids from outside the mitochondrial membrane to the inside of the membrane, where beta-oxidation occurs in the mitochondria.

In layman's terms, it transports fatty acids into mitochondria for decomposition, thereby achieving the effect of consuming fat.

How to choose an L-carnitine supplement liquid, powder, or capsule?

Pure L-carnitine is extremely hygroscopic, so it is generally made into a more stable form - L-carnitine tartrate, which is also in powder form. It is also made into capsules for easier storage and to avoid moisture.

The three forms of levorotatory do not have much difference in function, but it is recommended that you choose liquid. The molecular weight of the liquid is smaller than that of granules and powder, the absorption rate is higher, and the effect is quicker.

In short, although L-carnitine can improve fat metabolism, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet, control diet, and strengthen exercise while taking it to achieve a better weight loss effect.

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