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Is there any prospect of of magic Papaya Extract Ratio Extract ?

Papaya contains papain and various nutrient elements, which are loved by consumers, and the nutritional content of Papaya has increased significantly. According to analysis: The total sugar content of 100g of mature papaya fruit is 9g, of which sucrose accounts for 48.3 %, glucose accounts for 29 %, fructose accounts for 21 %, and the total acid content of every 100g of flesh is 0.15g.

The application of papaya in the food industry has been used for a long time, and papain come from Papaya extract. Papain has a low specificity and good thermal stability. It has a huge advantage in the tenderness of meat and beer clarification.

Application and benefits of papaya extract -  papain:

1. With the deepening of the research of fruit and vegetable fermentation drinks, the fermented beverages of papaya extracts are expected to become a new hot spot in the market. Papaya fermented drinks not only retain the nutrients of sanctivated papaya, but also increase the product of lactic acid bacteria. At the same time, papaya has the effect of strengthening the spleen and digestion, and complement the intestinal function of lactic acid bacteria, which has great development significance.

2. The papaya extract straight powder made of papaya is widely used. Papaya powder can almost retain nutrients and active substances through excellent drying measures.

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