Kava Extract
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Kava Extract

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Kava is a type of pepper tree that grows in the South Pacific Islands (Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu) and Tahiti. Kava root has been used as a traditional medicine in the South Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. The main pharmacological action of Kava Extract is the complex synergistic effect of various Kavalactones. Like many other medicinal plants, kava contains not only a is the main active, but a complex mixture of different molecules called kavalactones, which include tascapillin, dihydrotascapillin, yangonin, and desmethoxyyangonin.


1) Kava extract can be used for weight loss, kava extract can promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat and other healthy foods.
2) Kava extract is an ideal dietary supplement. Kava extract can be used as a food coloring agent.
3) Kava extract has strong anti-diabetes effects.
4) Kava extract is useful for anti-oxidation.


1) Kava Extract is widely applied in health drinks.
2) It is mainly used in removing tension and stress and easing muscular tone.
3) Kava P.E. is often consumed by preparing kava as an herbal tea, prepared by straining a mixture of water and shredded, pounded, dried root and/or stump.
4) The plant may also be chewed as part of this preparation method. The enzymes in the saliva will affect the final product.

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