• Learn an herbal every day - Schisandra chinensis

Learn an herbal every day - Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra Chinensis has a long history of being used as Chinese herbal medicine, and many people also like to use it as a medicinal diet. The fruits, rhizomes, and leaves of Schisandra Chinensis can be used, and it is a Chinese herbal medicine with a very promising development prospect.

Schisandra Chinensis is widely used and is often taken in combination with ginseng and astragalus to treat prolonged coughs. In addition, according to the different combinations of Chinese herbal medicines, Schisandra Chinensis also reflects different pharmacological effects.

Schisandra Chinensis extract is good anti-aging medicine, which can prevent and treat senile chronic diseases related to aging and delay the aging process. Secondly, Schisandra Chinensis has a protective effect on the liver, can reduce liver damage, and has anti-allergic effects.

In terms of diet, Schisandra Chinensis is often cooked with jujube to make porridge, which can strengthen the body.

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