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Longan extract 10:1 TLC Powder

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Longan (Dimocarpus longan) is a plant of sapindaceae.  After proper treatment, longan can be used to make wine.  The seed coat is rich in vitamins and phosphorus,Longan fruit is rich in acids, aldehydes, amines, alcohols, ketones, and other components., It has good biological activity which is beneficial to spleen and brain. The fresh longan fruit is dried and becomes the longan pulp in Chinese medicine. Longan pulp is extremely rich in vitamin C and potassium. In addition, it also contains a large amount of magnesium and copper, for the treatment of body deficiency, insomnia, forgetfulness, remarkable effect.


1)Longan Aril has the function of tonifying heart and spleen.
2)Longan Aril has the function of nourishing the blood and tranquilization.
3)Longan Aril has the function of treat insufficiency of vital energy and blood.
4)Longan Aril has the function of treat palpitation.
5) Longan Aril has the function of treat blood-insufficiency


1)Used for blood deficiency
3)Forgetful insomnia
4)Lasalle dazed yellow hemopenia

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