Loquat Extract 10:1 TLC

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Loquat leaf extract is the active substance of the dry leaf extract of the Rosaceae plant loquat. The active ingredients are volatile oil, triterpene acids, sesquiterpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols, organic acids, etc., with anti-inflammatory cough,Pharmacological activities such as lowering blood sugar, anti-virus and anti-tumor.



The extract of the Loquat leaf can be used in a variety of ways, In our Detox Foot Pads, the Organic Loquat Leaf extract will assist the body by acting as a mucolytic agent, which helps dissolve thick mucus that holds toxic compounds.
Removing heat from the lung to relieve cough;
Good for rapid respiration, stomach heat, dysphoria with thirst;
Preventing vomiting; Antioxidants;
Lowering blood glucose;
Supports the Pancreas;
Assisting the liver in detoxifying chemicals;


1.Applied in Pharmaceutical field, can be used to Regulate blood sugar level, renal and immune system benefits;

2.Applied in Food field, can be used as Nutritional Supplements,weight-loss.

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