• Maca extract helps male and female reproductive health

Maca extract helps male and female reproductive health

Maca is an herb similar in appearance to radishes, also known as "Peruvian ginseng". Maca extract contains amino acids, minerals, iron, and other compounds that can provide health benefits. Maca extract is used as a liquid extract and nutritional supplement due to its rich nutritional content.

In terms of reproductive health, for men, Maca extract protects the prostate gland by increasing zinc levels and DHT, and ingesting Maca helps improve the quality and quantity of sperm in men. For women, adding maca to the diet can relieve menstrual pain and improve fertility. It can also help regulate a woman's menstrual cycle and relieve menopausal symptoms. 

Of course, maca extract has other benefits as well:

1. Alleviate mild depression

2. Relieve stress

3. Protect skin health

4. Restore red blood cells

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