Mallow Extract
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  • Mallow Extract

Mallow Extract

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Mallow flowers are cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant, and soil-free. Sandy soil is most suitable. Strong growth, happy sunshine. They are flowering from June to October. The plant height is 60-100 cm, the stem is erect,multi-branched, and is rough. Leaves alternate, palmately lobed. The flowers are clustered in leaf axils, lavender or white, with a flower diameter of about 3 cm,5 petals, apex dimples, bell-shaped sepals, seeds flat, round kidney-shaped, brown. Mallow is a biennial or perennial erect herb with a 50-90 cm height.


1) Promote collagen production, inhibit elastase activity, and have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects.
2) It can promote the production of hyaluronic acid in cells and can be used as a moisturizer.
3) It can inhibit the formation of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone and has an excellent preventive effect on diseases caused by high male hormones, such as acne and hair loss.


1) In the food & beverage Industry, made into desserts, coffee, drinks etc.
2) In the nutraceutical field, made into kinds of healthcare supplement products.
3) In the cosmetic industry, as raw material for personal care products.

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