• Red seaweed powder

New research shows that red seaweed powder can inhibit virus from infecting cells

The color of red seaweed is mostly purple, rose red and other colors. It has many types and wide distribution.

A study published in the journal Molecular Sciences International found that polysaccharides contained in red seaweed powder inhibit virus infection of cells. The person in charge of the project pointed out that the red seaweed distributed on the Pacific coast of Russia has important properties such as immune regulation, anti-inflammation, endotoxin neutralization, and antiviral activity because red seaweed extract contains sulfated polysaccharide carrageenan with a unique structure.

Experiments have shown that low-concentration carrageenan and its low-molecular-weight derivatives are not only non-toxic but also have high antiviral activity. Carrageenan can significantly inhibit immunodeficiency virus and retrovirus-infected cells, which will help in the development of new drugs against viral infections.

Red seaweed powder has important economic value. In addition to food, it is also a raw material for medicine, textiles, food, and other industries.

Other studies have found that red seaweed extract can inhibit obesity induced by a high-fat diet. Through controlled experiments on mice, they concluded that even if the content of red seaweed extract in the diet is very low, it still has an effect on weight control.

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