Oat Extract Beta Glucan 20% HPLC

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Oat beta-glucan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Because of its viscosity, it blocks the digestion and absorption of starch, protein and other substances, so it can have some extremely beneficial physiological functions for the human body: it has significant ability to lower blood lipid, lower blood sugar and improve the immunity, and maintain the intestinal microecological environment.


1) Oat β-glucan is beneficial to high cardiovascular disease risk populations.
2) Oat beta-glucan's anti-wrinkle promise
3) It lowers the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol.
4)Stimulating immune cell function.
5) Lowers LDL Cholesterol by an Average of 8%
6) Immunomodulator Activaing White Blood Cells.
7) Lowers Glycemic Response.
8) Reduces Hypertension.


1. Applied in the Pharmaceutical field;
2. Applied in the Functional food field;
3. Applied in the Health products field;
4. Applied in the Cosmetic field.

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