Oregano Extract
  • Oregano Extract
  • Oregano Extract

Oregano Extract

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Marjoram tea is marjoram, Origanum majorana L., an oregano plant in the Lip family, also known as Marjoram, oregano. Herbal tea brewed with marjoram flowers and leaves has calming and digestive effects. Oregano leaf extract is an extract of the whole herb oregano. Its main components are carvacrol, thymol and thymol. These have been shown to have strong antibacterial activity and can quickly penetrate the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms. Let the pathogenic microorganism water imbalance and die.


1) Anti-microbial effect.
2) The effect on smooth muscle: spasmolysis.
3) Improve immune function.
4) Sedative effect, antioxidant effect; Diuretic effect.


1) Used in functional food, medicine, beverage & food, and feed field.

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