Organic Spirulina tablets
  • Organic Spirulina tablets
  • Spirulina tablet
  • Organic Spirulina tablet

Organic Spirulina Tablets

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  Spirulina is a kind of lower plants belonging to Cyanophyta, they are the same as with the bacterial cells there is no real nucleus, so also known as cyanobacteria. Blue-green algae cell structure of the original, and very simple, first appeared on Earth, photosynthetic organisms.

    Spirulina is found in humans so far the best all-natural protein food source, and is the protein content as high as 60 ~ 70%, and the absorption rate of over 95%. Its unique phycocyanin to enhance the human immune system.


1. Stimulate the body rapid growth
2. Balance nutrition for adolescent growth
3. Maintain adult exuberant energy
4 Slow down the ageing process of the elderly
5. Weight loss, skin care, beauty


1) healthy
2) Food

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