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Papain is reaped from the carica papaya fruit. It's a pure natural, healthy, safe and high-effective enzyme preparation after bio-technology's extract, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and freeze-drying. This product is a proteinase compound includes papain, rennase and peptidase. It has strong catalyzed activity of the protein hydrolysis, curd and lysis activity. It also owns the lipolysis and protein synthesis ability.



1. Pharmaceuticals: help ease swelling, alleviate inflammation, relieve pain, improve immunity, promote digestion and diminish intestinal parasite;

2. Cosmetics and daily chemicals: soap, facial cleanser, body wash,shampoo,etc, with papain ingredient, help whitening the skin, remove cuticle, making the skin soft and elastic, tender and full of vigor, Used in washing powder, hand wash, etc, helps care hands;

3. Food Industry: Papain can hydrolyze the animal and plant protein, as well as placenta and bean, thus , the papain can be made into softener for biscuits, tenderizer for meat and purifying agent for beer and wine ferment etc. It is widely used in wine brewing industry, soy making and beverage manufacturing industry;

4. Feed industry: Papain can be widely used as additives in the forages for such animals as pigs, oxen, sheep, chicks, ducks, geese, fish, shrimps, eels and cows to increase the availability and inversion of protein, decreasing gthe cost for forages and exploi

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