Passiflora Extract
  • Passiflora Extract
  • Passiflora Extract

Passiflora Extract

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Passiflora caerulea L. is a perennial evergreen climbing woody vine of the Passiflora family. The stem is cylindrical and angular, without hair; the leaves are as thin as paper, heart-shaped and hairless; the flowers are umbrella-shaped and large, light green; the fruit is nearly spherical, orange-yellow or yellow when ripe; the seeds The quantity is large, in the shape of an inverted heart, and the flowering period is from May to July.


1) Passiflora can nourish the spleen and stomach very well, increase appetite and promote digestion.
2) Passiflora increases satiety.
3) Passiflora can relieve constipation, and dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility.


1) Strengthen the spleen and relieve constipation.
2) Weight control.
3) Detoxification and beauty, purify the body.

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