EU Warehouse Perilla Seed Extract--Kosher & Halal Certified 100%
  • EU Warehouse Perilla Seed Extract--Kosher & Halal Certified 100%
  • Perilla Seed Extract
  • Perilla Seed Extract powder

Perilla Seed Extract--Kosher & Halal Certified

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Perilla is the common name for an annual herb of the genus Perilla in the mint family of the Lamiaceae family.

In mild climates, plants will reseed themselves. There are two species of green-leafed and purple-leafed species, which botanists generally consider separate species. The leaves are similar to stinging nettle leaves but are slightly rounded in shape. Its essential oil has a strong flavor that rivals peppermint or fennel in strength. It is thought to be rich in minerals and vitamins, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is thought to help preserve and sanitize other foods. Like basil and coleus, it is a member of the mint family.



1. Enhance immunity and anti-virus, and anti-infection ability.
2. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and anti-fatigue, regulate the brain nervous system, enhance hematopoietic function, and promote metabolism


1. It is mainly used in the field of pharmaceuticals as a medicinal material for clearing heat, reducing inflammation and swelling;
2. It is widely used in the health care industry as the raw material for products nourishing the stomach, invigorating qi, and enhancing immunity.

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