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Dark plum extract sour in flavour, warm in nature, and tropistic to the heart, lung and kidney channels. Being warm and moist in nature, it has all the five kinds of taste, while the sourness is the dominant. So it functions mainly for astringency of preserve essence and in benefit as well, serving to astringe the lung in the upper-jiao and preserve essence in the lower-jiao, replenish Qi internally and consolidate the superficies externally. 


1. antimicrobial and inhibition of pathogenic bacteria.
2. lumbrici effect.
3. smooth muscles effects.
4. treat bacillary dysentery,psoriasis,bellyworm,ancylostomiasis.
5. prompt gallbladder.
6. anti-allergy.
7. immune functions.
8. anti-stress,reduce fatigue.
9. anti-aging,anti-radiation.
10. anti-fatigue,anti-radiation,anti-aging effects.


1.treats prolonged coughing with scanty phlegm or dry coughing without phlegm due to deficiency of the lungs.
2. treats prolonged diarrhea or prolonged dysentery.
3. treatment of diabetes due to heat of deficiency type.
4. treats colic and vomiting caused by ascarids with cold limbs.
5. treats diabetes with fever of the deficiency type.

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